Poudre River Whitewater Park

Poudre River Downtown Project Masterplan Accepted!

The Fort Collins city council voted tonight (Oct 7) and accepted the masterplan including the whitewater features! We’re now even closer to having whitewater play features on the Poudre!

What we’re trying to do

Would you like somewhere in town to learn how to kayak? How about a place where you could surf your kayak? Or your boogie board? Or your canoe or tube? Or watch folks play in the water? We’d love to have this in town and are working on getting one put in as part of the Downtown Poudre River Project.

A whitewaterpark would provide a variety of benefits to the Poudre River corridor as well as the city.  Among these would be providing another attraction to bring out of town visitors, providing a safe place for people of all ages to practice with their water craft (be those kayaks, canoes, boards, sups, etc).  It also provides good access points to the river for waders, fishermen and others as well as things for people to watch while walking the Poudre River Trail.

On most any summer day when one visit’s Lyons or Golden’s whitewater parks, you will see many people who are not using watercraft recreating at the park as well.  They may just be having picnic lunches watching people play in the water, or bringing their kids down to a beach area to play, just learning how to kayak and surf a wave, or practising the latest trick for the up and coming whitewater kayaker.

Despite most people thinking a whitewater park needs a lot of water to be of any use, this is not true.  Most all parks are designed to have features that are good at different levels.  One feature might be good at 100cfs, yet another is good at 300cfs, and yet another perhaps is good at 1000cfs.  This gives the park a wide range of use by watercraft and allows it to draw users across a wider season.

The whitewater park will be at least partially, if not fully, privately funded. Please support us in getting a park put in for all to enjoy!

Currently you can either show your support by endorsing us (this will provide us a list of supports to show the City Council) or you can donate to us if you’re reading to put some money forward. All collected money will go towards funding the whitewater park. Any money not used in the case that the park is not built, will go towards funding whitewater recreation in Northern Colorado (with the aim of getting a whitewater park somewhere).