Vote Yes for Building on Basics (BoB) II on the April 7 election!

This April the city of Fort Collins will be voting on continuing the Building on Basics tax (0.25% tax), also known as BoB II. The full resolution is also available here.

When you read it, you will note it says that that BoB II will fund the “Downtown Poudre River Enhancements and Kayak Park”. What it will really fund is the river enhancements, bank restoration, bridge, trails, and the like. The instream kayak features as well as a portion of overall funding (for a total of $1.5 million) are still being funded privately. The wording was chosen by the city to try and describe all of the work that was being done in that stretch of river, not just what was to be funded by BoB II.

Please vote yes on BoB II (Ballot Issue 1). With it we will get a whitewater park, without it, the future is much more unclear even with the private funding.

For more information, you can visit the Keeping Fort Collins Great website or their Facebook page.

Poudre River Downtown Project Masterplan Accepted!

The Fort Collins city council accepted the masterplan, including the whitewater features!

A Clean, Accessible River Park In Downtown Fort Collins:
Imagine a place just a few blocks from Old Town Fort Collins where people of all ages can gather for year-round recreation and to enjoy the Poudre River.

This dream is the Poudre Whitewater Park.

Right now, Fort Collins has the opportunity to reclaim an abandoned water diversion area along the Poudre River and transform it into the crown jewel of the city’s many riverside parks. The park would reconnect stream ecosystems that are currently divided and create a variety of improvements for year-round recreation, including tubing, fishing, surfing, swimming, riverboarding and kayaking. Landscaping and other modifications would improve access, reestablish aquatic and riparian zone habitats, and restore the area to a more natural appearance.

Whitewater parks use underwater and riverside landscaping with natural and unobtrusive materials to create a series of waves and pools for swimming, surfing and other fun. They’re a beautiful place to play with the kids, go for a picnic, read a book, or jump in and play yourself. Imagine taking a hot afternoon and learning to surf or kayak, or bringing the family to watch the show.

Like 22 other destination cities and towns across the state, Fort Collins would see the benefits of having a clean, fun and accessible place to play in the river, while providing a positive economic impact to the city. Other cities with whitewater parks have experienced an exceptional return on their investment: Reno’s whitewater park draws in an estimated $6 million a year in tourism dollars, with an initial cost of only $4.5 million to build it. Former Reno mayor Robert Cashell called it “the best capital investment project I made in 10 years of being mayor.”

City council has already approved this project, but it still needs to be funded. Please help us realize the dream of a city that stands apart from the rest with this beautiful addition to an already amazing place to live. Click Donate and make the Whitewater Park a reality.*

*To have your gift benefit from the Colorado Gives Day statewide $1 million incentive fund, donate on Tuesday, Dec. 9th or schedule your donation to occur on that date. In addition to the statewide $1 million incentive fund, Colorado Gives Day gifts made to Larimer County nonprofits may also benefit from local prizes and awards that increase the value of those donations.

(To schedule your donation in advance of the big day, simply click the Donate link and then select the “CO Gives Day” button as you fill out your information. Your donation will automatically be processed on December 9th.)

More information about the project can be found at